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New mobile only lets you access Twitter

The TwitterPeek - better than a smartphone?
The TwitterPeek - better than a smartphone?

A new mobile device has been unveiled to give you direct access to Twitter - and nothing else.

Similar in form to Amazon's Kindle, the TwitterPeek is a full QWERTY-enabled device exclusively used for sending and receiving Tweets.

Dubbed the 'affordable alternative' to a smartphone (where nearly all handsets have some kind of Twitter app available) the TwitterPeek will cost $99 (£60) to buy with an $8 (£4.80) a month supplement.

However, if you're not one for rolling payments then you can pay $199 (£120) for a lifetime's subscription to the service, including the device (which, by the way, is clad in 'Twitter Blue').

Peek a boo

The TwitterPeek has been designed by Arnol Sarva, founder of Peek, which specialises in low-cost email devices for those that don't want to pay for a smartphone.

"I'm sure it's going to get some attention because Peek is so controversial," said Sarva to the Wall Street Journal. "People don't understand there's a market for an affordable mobile email device and they don't understand this service is valuable and useful."

It's available now, and if you want an always-on Twitter device (and are happy to head over to the US to get one) then perhaps you're prayers might have been answered.