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Nokia Pureview cameras coming to Windows Phone

Nokia Pureview cameras coming to Windows Phone
Pureview landing on Windows Phone soon

Nokia has confirmed that it will be bringing its Pureview technology to its Windows phone devices in the near future.

The Pureview technology was unveiled on the 41MP-toting Nokia 808 Pureview at MWC 2012, and almost immediately the Finnish firm confirmed it was looking to putting the advanced cameraphone technology on its future devices.

Considering the 808 was launched as 'confirming our significant short term investments in Symbian' by Jo Harlow, executive VP of smart devices for Nokia, it's pretty clear Windows Phone is getting the Pureview technology in the near future.

Testing it out

Harlow also added that Nokia has been using Symbian as a testing ground for the commercialisation of the camera phone technology before bringing it to other devices, stating:

"We've been working on this technology for some time, with the intention to mature and commercialise it to take it across our portfolio.

"We wanted to make the Pureview 808 recognisable as the best smartphone camera device in the world, and our design team have done a great job accomplishing that."

The Nokia Pureview 808 UK release date is set for May, when we can expect consumers that were happy with a 5MP phone to start getting thoroughly confused.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop also intimated that new Windows Phones were going to be launched later in the year, so we're expecting to see fancy cameraphones on Microsoft's platform before 2013 rolls around.

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