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iPhone runs Hero's Android Sense UI

HTC Sense appears on the iPhone
HTC Sense appears on the iPhone

Hackers using iPhones but secretly lusting after the HTC Hero have managed to bridge the gap by skinning the iPhone with the Sense UI.

The HTC Hero's Android interface has been reworked for the latest iteration of the Google phone, featuring seven home screens and sleek new graphics.

Hackers over at Redmond Pie have managed to take the front screen (sadly no seven on offer for iPhone users) and place it on the iPhone, although it's more than just a skin.

You get an HTC-a-like clock, a weather widget from Yahoo just like on the Hero, and movable icons at the bottom, as well as a quick launch bar.

iDroid, youDroid

To add to the iDroid experience, the developers have also brought in the menu tab, meaning you can drag it across the screen to access the iPhone menu (although with the quick launch bar still intact).

And to take things even further, the dial pad has been re-jigged to use the Hero's larger buttons, so fat-fingered iPhone users can now rejoice.

Admittedly you have to have a jailbroken iPhone to use it, but for everyone secretly wishing their Apple device has the superior functionality of the Android interface, this theme could be the one for you.

Check out the video of the device in action and head on over to Redmond Pie if you want to risk your phone and take the step by step instructions: