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Google aims for smarter mobile searches

Google's new and improved search tool for mobiles is tailored for people on the go

If you use your mobile phone to search for a local kebab shop, chances are the results won't be immediately useful. Google 's new mobile search tool aims to change all that.

Google's mobile search recognises the distinction between desktop searches and the urgency associated with those done on the move. It organises its results according to your location and finds you relevant results - or so the company claims.

According to Google's blog , when you're using the new search engine, results are conveniently brought to the phone's home page. It remembers your location for future searches as well, so you need only enter where you are once.

It also uses what Google is calling query-dependent results. "You won't need to sift through both mobile and regular web results, or specify your search type. If you search for the BBC on your mobile device, you'll get a link to the mobile-friendly BBC website.

"Search for the post office, and you'll get listings for the branches that are closest to your set location, and so on," the blogger explains.

So confident is it of its mobile-tailored search engine, Google is inviting everyone to test the engine next to the old Google mobile search, Yahoo and Windows live on its website . To download it, point your mobile browser to and follow the links.