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Rush for Windows 7 beta downs

Windows 7 - next OS
Windows 7 - next OS

Microsoft's website has crashed under the deluge of people trying to get hold of the Windows 7 beta.

Steve Ballmer's declaration in the CES keynote that the successor to Vista would be available as a public beta (albeit a limited release) has sparked huge interest.

So much, in fact, that the sheer weight of people trying to grab the beta has not only taken down the Windows 7 beta page but the entire site for periods, although it is back up at the time of writing.

Rare event

The level of traffic for major releases has always been large, but it is very rare that it is capable of overloading Microsoft's network.

Obviously the desire to test out one of the most pivotal operating systems since Windows 3.1 is hugely attractive, with the eyes of the world on Microsoft's next generations OS.

Should Windows 7 not manage to surpass Vista's muted and often hostile reception then it could well spell the end for the ubiquity of the Windows OS entirely.

If the site recovers sufficiently then you can try to grab the beta from