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Microsoft cans 2.5m Windows 7 limit

Windows 7 - No beta around the bush from Microsoft
Windows 7 - No beta around the bush from Microsoft

Microsoft has responded to the overwhelming demand for Windows 7 by opening it out beyond its original limit of 2.5 million downloads.

The beta version was launched on Friday, and proved so popular that it took the whole of down with it.

However, after sorting out its download problems, Microsoft has decided that limiting the number of 'beta' testers to 2.5 million is 'not ideal'.

Good experience

"Due to an enormous surge in demand, the download experience was not ideal so we listened and took the necessary steps to ensure a good experience," blogged Brandon LeBlanc on the official Windows 7 blog.

"We have clearly heard that many of you want to check out the Windows 7 beta and, as a result, we have decided to remove the initial 2.5 million limit on the public beta for the next two weeks.

"During that time you will have access to the beta even if the download number exceeds the 2.5 million unit limit.

"Thank you for your enthusiasm, interest and willingness to beta test. It has been great to see the positive early reviews and feedback. As you know, this is a beta product.

"We are working hard to get Windows 7 ready and right. Your input is a critical part of that process.Thank you!"