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Web-criminals have Olympics in their sights

Olympics e-safety comes into question
Olympics e-safety comes into question

The Olympic games in 2012 could be a target for cyber-criminals if measures aren't put into place, according the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard.

Speaking at the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) annual conference, Janet Williams of Scotland Yard voiced her concerns over the Olympics, explaining: "There is a lot of work to be done with e-crime and the Olympics. First of all we need to get the money sorted and there is an imperative about that now.

"We know from Canada and Beijing that the threats are real and they have grown in the last six months."

Potential abuse

When asked about what areas she believed needed focus, Williams singled out ticketing, transport infrastructure and sponsorship deals.

"These are all potentially subject to abuses and we need to understand these and put plans in place very quickly now.

"That is a projected area of work and it is where e-crime meets the more significant threats and terrorism threats."

This isn't the first time that e-security for the Olympics has been called into question, with David Blunkett speaking back in April about cyber-security ahead of the games: "We need to put cyber alongside chemical, biological and radiological threats. We need to be ahead of those who would damage us rather than a step behind."

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