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FarmVille gets too big for Facebook, launches own site

FarmVille - gets its very own plot of land
FarmVille - gets its very own plot of land

FarmVille, the ridiculously popular Facebook app, has decided that Facebook isn't a big enough platform for the game and has launched its very own website. is the games new, official website which offers links to the Farmville forum, support and access to the game's shop.

That's right, FarmVille has its own shop where you can pick up everything from mugs to keyrings to t-shirts. We looked for a model of a cash cow being milked, but that item seems to be out of stock.


You can also play FarmVille on the website - crazy, we know. It hasn't completely got rid of its Facebook roots, though, as the only way you can play the game is through the Facebook Connect service.

There's no doubting FarmVille's insane popularity, but does it really warrant its very own website? If it means we are one step closer to getting rid of those annoying Facebook status updates about what livestock so-and-so has bought, then it gets a thumbs-up from us.

Via NowPublic