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Facebook's Mafia fans causing alarm

You can't take the idiots out of social networks...
You can't take the idiots out of social networks...

Italian Facebook users have been signing up to 'fan clubs' of notorious Mafioso, prompting alarm from anti-mafia activists.

Apparently, fan groups for the likes of Bernardo Provenzano and Toto Riina have proved popular.

"What worries us is that the great majority of people who have adhered to these pages are young," Tonio Dell'Olio, of anti-mafia group Libera, told Reuters Television.

Riina gone?

Coverage for the Riina group appear to have already brought an end to the Facebook fan site, with coverage from Italian papers leading to its closure.

Fan pages have proven a popular addition to Facebook allowing people to declare their interst in public figures, and of course things as diverse as animals, websites, places and objects.

English language Facebook is hardly a bastion of glory when it comes to hateful figures; alarmingly a Hitler group has close to 4,000 members.