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Huawei rolls out global blockchain

(Image credit: Image Credit: The Digital Artist / Pixabay)

Chinese tech giant Huawei has made its Blockchain Service (BCS) available globally after first launching it for commercial use in its home country on October 10th of this year.

The service, which is available on the international Huawei Cloud website, helps global businesses and developers create, deploy and manage blockchain applications quickly and at a minimal cost.

Huawei's new service solves many of the problems businesses have when deploying a blockchain which can be a costly and time-consuming endeavour. 

In 2016, the Chinese hardware manufacturer joined the most influential open source project in the blockchain field, Hyperledger. Huawei has been recognised as a key Hyperledger maintainer (as well as the only one from Asia) for its continuous technical and code contributions to the Fabric and STL sub-projects.

Advantages of BCS

BCS capitalises on Huawei Cloud's container, security and other technologies to deliver a service that is easy to use, efficient and universally applicable. Developers and businesses can use the company's blockchain service in data applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), identity authentication, proof of information, remote healthcare and IoT device management.

Huawei Cloud is also working on developing its blockchain platform further to offer technical support for businesses developing blockchain applications and solutions.

BCS is open and easy to use with built-in compliance with Hyperledger Fabric 1.1 and Kubernetes

Using BCS, it is possible for a company to establish a blockchain system suited to its own business in just five to ten minutes according to Huawei.

Interested users can sign up and begin using Huawei's blockchain service today.

Anthony Spadafora

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