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More species in Spore than on Earth

The Earth: less interesting than Spore, apparently
The Earth: less interesting than Spore, apparently

Reality just took a back seat to the gaming world, with user-generated species in Spore outnumbering the variety of living creatures on Earth for the first time.

Maxis, the Electronic Arts studio, announced today that over 100 million different species had been uploaded since it released the Spore Creature Creator in June of last year.

That compares to scientific estimates of between 5 and 100 million species on Earth, although only around 2 million of them have been formally categorised.

Taxing taxonomy

Maxis picks out the beaked coralfish, whimsical snow globes and intricate atom models as samples of how creative players of the evolution-focused Spore have been.

It also says that around 307,000 different creatures are uploaded to the game every day.

Spore itself is evolving, with an expansion pack called Spore Galactic Adventures freeing up the universe when it launches in June, and the standalone Spore Hero (Wii) and Spore Hero Arena (DS) titles arriving in the autumn.