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Nintendo: Wii U will be 'hard to understand' until gamers go hands-on

Nintendo: Wii U will be 'hard to understand' until gamers go hands-on
Wii U concept hasn't been fully grasped by some gamers yet

For the second year in a row gamers exited E3 with more questions than answers about the merits of the forthcoming Nintendo Wii U console.

It's fair to say the company's keynote last week did little to quell fears or raise the excitement levels ahead of the Christmas 2012 launch date.

The Japanese giant has, admittedly, struggled to truly get the message across about how its six-inch touchscreen controller innovation can once again revolutionise the console industry.

However, it has a familiar plan.

Hard to understand

The key to overcoming this, says Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo of America's top media guy, is to get the console into the hands of punters, as it did so successfully in the run up to the original Wii launch.

"It can appeal to people all ranges in terms of their gaming ability," he told Gamasutra. "It's hard to understand the system until you get your hands on it."

"A big part of our strategy has been and will continue to be trial, getting it in as many people's hands as possible.

"We are happy with the way people are responding to it, but it does take some cycles on our part... to make sure everybody understands it.

"We tried to do as many things as possible during our presentation and videos to explain it to people," he said.

For all the latest on the Nintendo Wii U, as we start the cycle from E3 re-reveal to the (possible) Christmas rush, keep your eyes peeled to our Wii U release date, news and rumours page.

Via: Gamasutra