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Nintendo tries to stamp out second-hand sales

Yay! That's more in the bank for me

If you're considering getting the Wii Speak microphone add-on when it hits UK shops next month, just make sure you don't plan to sell it on a few months later – if you do, there'll be trouble.

In a move clearly designed to eliminate the second-hand market, Nintendo has decided to link each Wii Speak to a unique code included in each package.

Useless plastic

That code lets users download the Wii Speak channel needed to use the device, however it works once and only once. In other words, anyone buying a second-hand mic a few months down the line will really be getting a grey piece of plastic they won't be able to use.

While games publishers have often included one-off codes with new games to allow players who bought them new to add extras for free, this is the first time we've come across a company trying to do so with hardware.