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Olympus previews Micro Four Thirds camera

Olympus' new Micro Four Thirds compact
Olympus' new Micro Four Thirds compact

Olympus was expected to reveal a Micro Four Thirds camera at this year's Photokina, considering the company helped create the revolutionary new system.

But did anyone expect a camera so technologically advanced to have a very cool retro chassis?

Olympus' new Micro Four Thirds camera is so-far unnamed but with Photokina opening tomorrow, expect it to be christened soon.

Micro DSLR

While tech-specs are thinner than Australia's ozone layer, the look of the camera has definitely been lifted from the Rangefinder of old.

The Micro Four Thirds system means that this new retro-future Olympus cam has a sensor that is DSLR quality (18 x 13.5-mm) on a camera that fits snugly in the pocket.

It also means that, with the help of an adaptor, all your Four Thirds lenses will fit. Nice.