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Lego reveals digital camera for the kids

The colourful, new Lego camera
The colourful, new Lego camera

Lego is to expand its toy building bricks repertoire, with the announcement of a new range of branded electronic products.

First to hit shelves is a fantastic-looking camera and a walkie talkie set. The colourful devices look like are made from Lego bricks, but unlike normal Lego you can't take them apart or modify them in any way.

This is probably a good thing considering the products all have electrical components under the hood and are aimed at eight to 12 year olds.

Lego makeovers

There's no actual word on technical details about the products, but judging by the images and the age range Lego are going for, don't expect any DSLR-like functionality on the snapper.

Other gadgets set to get a Lego makeover include: alarm clock radios and hi-fi boom boxes, both of which will be made with oversized Lego blocks.

There's no word on UK pricing but the products, created by Digital Blue, are available in the US in the summer for around $19.99 to $59.99.