Zoom and Google Meet are coming closer together at last

Google Meet Zoom interoperability
(Image credit: Google)

In its quest to make Google Meet the best video conferencing platform available, the company is now set to work with its great rival Zoom - not against it. 

Google has continued to invest heavily and added new features since the hybrid working boom that came around due to the pandemic, however it has a rather large problem in that there are so many alternative platforms that not every customer, client, or even colleague, will use the same solution. 

While many companies prefer to use the Google Workspace environment, which includes Meet, plenty of others have continued to invest in Zoom as a primary communications platform.

Google Meet and Zoom

To boost potential new customer options, Google has now confirmed bi-directional interoperability between Meet and Zoom.

Coming later in 2022, the news means users will be able to join calls from an opposing platform from a calendar invite or by entering a meeting code. 

There is one small caveat, though, as while Zoom users will be able to join Google Meet calls “across all platforms”, only certain Google Meet users will be able to join Zoom calls. Specifically, those running ChromeOS-based Meet devices.

The company promises to add support for other devices over time, but for now at least, this will likely leave many users uncatered for, despite following a similar partnership with Cisco's Webex platform over a year ago.

Elsewhere, the company has fine-tuned its collaboration with Logitech and Poly, both of whom will now offer Meet for Android-based appliances. The Poly Studio X family and Android-based appliance versions of Logitech’s Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini are both set to launch in 2023.

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