Xiaomi’s partnership with Smartbox aims to ease order delivery in India

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Xiaomi India (opens in new tab) has announced its partnership with Smartbox, an automated parcel delivery company, on Tuesday. This partnership aims to ease deliveries of online orders for consumers through the use of a smart locker system. 

Smartbox is a network of automated terminals that can be used as delivery points for online orders from Mi.com. 

These Smartbox terminals are spread all over a city and users can select the nearest one of them as a delivery address for their parcel. Once the order reaches the terminal, the user gets an OTP code which will give them access to their orders. 

If the order type is cash-on-delivery, users can pay the amount via the terminal itself using credit/debit cards or the BHIM/Paytm app.

This partnership promotes hassle free delivery options and comes handy in many cases. If a user is busy during the day, he/she won’t have to worry about their online order and neither will the order go back to the warehouse.

If they have chosen a Smartbox terminal address as the delivery point, the parcel will be stored in the kiosk till the user collects it after entering the OTP. However, an order will only be stored in the Smartbox for 72 hours after which it will be returned to the company.

Currently, the service is only available for people residing in Delhi-NCR (opens in new tab). However, Xiaomi as promised to add more locations soon.

Siddharth Chauhan is the Consumer Technology Reporter at Digit India. He used to work as an Assistant Editor at TechRadar India