Xiaomi teases Mi 9T smartphone with pop-up camera

The Xiaomi Mi 9. Image credit: TechRadar

Xiaomi brought the Xiaomi Mi 9 to the West in April, after a release in China months before, but now it looks like Xiaomi is teasing a successor to that phone that hasn't been seen anywhere before, in the Xiaomi Mi 9T.

Teased by the smartphone company on Twitter, we only have the name and an image of the Xiaomi Mi 9T so far, but we can tell quite a bit about the upcoming phone based on these images alone.

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The first thing we notice about the images is the lack of a notch on the device's display, suggesting there will be a pop-up camera similar to the OnePlus 7 Pro and several other new smartphones. The hashtag makes this obvious if it wasn't already, though.

There's also a three camera rear array, which looks similar to that on the Xiaomi Mi 9. On that phone they were a 48MP main sensor, a 16MP camera with an ultra-wide lens for a bigger field of view, and a 12MP snapper with a telephoto lens for better optical zoom, and while we don't know for sure what's on the Xiaomi Mi 9T, it could be something similar.

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We've reached out to Xiaomi for some more information on what the Xiaomi Mi 9T is, and where it sits compared to the Xiaomi Mi 9, but they couldn't provide us any information about the handset. The phone also shares design features with the Redmi K20 Pro which launched recently in China (Redmi is a subsidiary of Xiaomi), so we'll look into if the handsets are the same or not.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 was a powerful mid-range smartphone, and a solid entry for a brand moving into the west. With news that Huawei is in massive trouble, Xiaomi could capitalize on uncertainty surrounding the most well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer by putting out another great smartphone.

When there's news on the Xiaomi Mi 9T, we'll run more stories on the phone including a review when it nears release, so stay tuned for all the latest information.

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