One More Thing: The girl with the Nokia tattoo

One More Thing: the girl with the Nokia tattoo
There is a space for it Nokia, but you are not going to like where it is

Ah, Tuesday. So utterly worthless, the Bangles not only failed to make a song about you, they penned a track about your uglier brother just to rub your face in it.

But never fear as uncle One More Thing is here to put a smile on your face. And how is it going to that, we hear Tuesday cry? Well, with the following cavalcade of tech nonsense, of course.

Good vibrations – Nokia has patented vibrating tattoos that can be etched on your skin to let you know when your phone is ringing. The patent, which sounds like the worst tattoo invention since the tramp stamp, is currently being applied for in the US – so expect it to come to market… er, probably never. [Daily Mail]

Not-so smiley faceSamsung and RIM are being sued for the use of emoticons in their smartphones. We contacted both companies about the issue and they released the following joint statement: >:\ >:/ :-/ :-. :/ :\ =/ =\ :S [Slash Gear]

WoW factorWorld of Warcraft may well be heading to that rather unpopular device called the iPhone. So, orcs coming to iOS dorks. Amazing. [Fudzilla]


Baby talk – DANGER! Using a mobile phone while pregnant may cause ADHD in the unborn bairn, says fire and brimstone study on the effects smartphones probably will never have on pregnant ladies. Saying that, we haven't got ADHD and our parents never used a mobile phone, so it must be true. [Gizmag]

Glass act Microsoft is set to continue its fascination with see-through things and release a pair of AR goggles soon, according to rumours. They will be a bit like Google Goggles but will shout Bing! every time a pretty lady walks by. [BGR]

Brain drain – Free apps drain your phone's battery more than apps you pay for, according to a study by some bods at a university somewhere. This is because of all the ads in them, apparently. And there was you thinking you had something for free but you are paying with your very own battery juice. [Digital Trends]

Holly would – A Reddit user has found that spending hours on the internet and writing waffle does actually pay off, with news that James Erwin of Des Moines, Iowa has been picked up by Hollywood to do a full screenplay on one of his posts. We must have missed the call. Sigh. [Mashable]

R2D2 in real life – Console modder Ben Heck has decided that adding fancy parts to a games machine wasn't enough to fulfil his life, so he has turned his hand to making is very own R2D2. Well, a luggage bag that follows him around and bleeps at him when he shouts at it in a camp manner. [Engadget]

Core blimey – The new Apple TV has been ripped to shreds by those tech surgeons at XMBC and it's been discovered that the device isn't run by magic but a single core A5 chip. For many Apple fans this is like finding out a certain Christmas father is not real. [IT Pro Portal]

Apple TV

Opera TV changes – Opera has announced changes to Opera TV, which make it easier for developers to make what they want for the burgeoning television app market. Hopefully this means we will get a Nyan cat channel on our Smart TV setup soon. Nyan Nyan Nyan. [Market Watch]

Obligatory video of the day - Gareth Beavis, full-time mobile devices editor at TechRadar and part-time dancer, decided to show off another one of his talents this week - balloon animal creation. We filmed it and you should watch it.

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