New hybrid electric cycle with GPS

The new Optibike, an electric/manual hybrid GPS-toting beast
The new Optibike, an electric/manual hybrid GPS-toting beast

Cycling is fun, although it can be hard work if you are exercise-shy, which is why the new Optibike OB1 has caught our eye!

T3 told us recently about the electric BMX , but seeing as we don't live in Hoxton and are no longer in our teens (and have given up pretending to be) we weren't that keen on that particular lazybike.

Built-in GPS

This latest one, the limited edition OB1, however, does sound more up our street, as it is basically a manual/electric hybrid souped-up mountain bike, which means it can do the uphill work for you.

If that didn't appeal enough already, then the 'state of the art' in-built GPS and fully integrated PDA really sells it. Work, while cycling. Without actually peddling.

Battery life lasts around two hours of coasting apparently and as the frame is made from ultra-light carbon it is pretty easy to carry it up to your flat.

The downside? There are only 24 being made, at a cost of $13,000 (£8.800) a pop. Bah!

And there we were thinking we had found the perfect answer to raise our spirits after some little scroat took off with our battered old Vespa last night…

Adam Hartley