TomTom promises to get you home faster

Tom Tom
TomTom's Go x40 system updates every five minutes

A navigational tool from TomTom has been improved so that it now takes into account 'historical travel time' information for all roads on a daily basis. It is updated every five minutes. The three models in the x40 Live series (the TomTom Go 940 Live and 740 and 540 versions) will use this facility to guide you to and from your home.

If the measured traffic conditions differ from those expected, the system automatically calculates a better alternative, if there is one. Arrival times are adjusted accordingly. For the first time, it will be available in The UK, Germany, France and Switzerland, along with The Netherlands, where the service was introduced last year.

See traffic in HD!

The plug and play x40 Live series offers High Definition Traffic for the most accurate information, Safety Alerts for up to date information from safety cameras, Fuel Prices for the best price en route, and Local Search with Google, which turns search results into actual destinations.

Other features include up to 100 voice commands, an Active Dock that includes a system connector for easy docking and charging, and an improved Advanced Lane Guidance system, which gives clear instructions at complex junctions.

Prices are not yet fixed, but are likely to begin from £300 though it will also be possible to give the system a three-month trial followed by a monthly subscription of around £10.