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Facebook apparently has no idea what to do with WhatsApp

Facebook is apparently as puzzled by its behavior as the rest of us

With Facebook spending almost $22 billion (about £13.6b, AU$25b) on WhatsApp you'd think the social network would have some idea what it wants to do with the messaging service.

On the contrary, though, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that he has no immediate plans for the company's latest acquisition, reports Reuters.

Zuckerberg admitted at an event in India that he "has no near-term plan to make money from the service," the site says.


TechRadar has previously posed the very question that Zuckerberg may be asking himself right at this moment: why did Facebook buy WhatsApp?

There is no obvious answer, particularly since WhatsApp doesn't have a clear path to monetization - the service only charges $1 in yearly subscription fees, and that fee is waived during each user's first year.

No doubt Facebook has entire campuses full of interns working on this problem, but for now it seems WhatsApp, like previous Facebook conquest Oculus, will be left to its own devices.