Analyst has a stab at an iWatch price, guesses at late 2014 release

Analyst has a stab at an iWatch price guesses at late 2014 release

An analyst over in Kuala Lumpa has had a word with his spirit guide and come up with some information about the much-mooted Apple iWatch.

According to unnamed tech soothsayer, Apple will release the smartwatch in the second half of 2014 and expects it to be a device that people buy to replace their iPods.

He's also come up with a price, reckoning that the iWatch will come with a pricetag of somewhere between $149 and $229 (£100 to £150 / AU$167 - AU$250).

Watch this space

While we're always wary of analyst predictions, this one's a triple threat: it's an anonymous analyst prediction which comes via the often-mistaken industry rag Digitimes.

So what we're saying is, don't go setting your watch by these predictions, despite the fact that we're not expecting to see the Apple watch land before 2014 at the earliest.

As for pricing, it's anyone's guess at the moment. $150 could be realistic if the watch is meant to replace the iPod, but who's to say that's the case?