Wonder Woman game: everything we know so far

Wonder Woman game
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A Wonder Woman game is officially being developed by Monolith Productions. Marking Diana of Themyscira's first solo game, that comes from the studio behind Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and its sequel Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Revealed back at The Game Awards 2021 with a teaser giving us our first glimpse of the iconic DC superhero, Wonder Woman is set to be a single-player, third-person, open-world action-adventure. That will introduce a whole new original story set within the DC universe. Players will become Diana of Themyscira (aka Wonder Woman) as she "fights to unite her Amazon family and the humans from the modern world", according to publisher Warner Bros. 

What's more, this Wonder Woman game will utilize the Nemesis System seen in the Middle-Earth series, seeing players forging deep connections with enemies and allies as they progress through the game. It certainly sounds like this could be a superhero game unlike any we've seen before (and we're certainly seeing a lot of them right now).

There's still a lot we need to learn about Wonder Woman, including its release date, and it's been a little while since our last update. But, while we wait for some more official news, you can read on for everything we've learned so far about the Wonder Woman game.

Wonder Woman game: cut to the chase

  • What is it? An open-world Wonder Woman game from Monolith Productions
  • When can I play it? TBC
  • What can I play it on? TBC

Wonder Woman release date and platforms

Wonder Woman 1984

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Monolith Productions hasn't confirmed when we'll get our hands on the Wonder Woman game - or which platforms it'll land on. But we can make an educated estimate that we won't see Wonder Woman until at least late 2023. However, it's more likely that it'll arrive later - likely landing on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. 

At the start of 2022, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar outlined plans for the upcoming year, saying Warner Bros. would delivering "a full slate of highly anticipated games." Crucially, only Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights were mentioned, which rules out a quicker release for Wonder Woman.

We could also see it arrive on PS4 and Xbox One, but that seems unlikely. Gotham Knights cancelled its last-gen editions, so we can't picture a game arriving much later making that leap. We imagine that (given the game's release is probably a while away) Monolith will be aiming to target the latest hardware, without being held back by the last generation of consoles.

Wonder Woman gameplay

Wonder Woman

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We don't have a lot of information on Wonder Woman's gameplay right now. We know it'll use the Nemesis System, previously seen in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. 

That created a procedurally generated hierarchy across enemy orcs, giving them more personality than your standard grunts. Considering we don't know who Diana's facing, how that'll be implemented remains unknown.  Otherwise, the teaser trailer was purely cinematic and offered no real hints, beyond telling us Diana's returning home to face a new threat. 

All we otherwise have is this official statement upon Wonder Woman's reveal from David Hewitt, Vice President and Studio Head at Monolith, who told us:

"The stories our players share inspire us every day, and we are honored to take players on a unique personal journey, driven by the values embodied in Wonder Woman. The Nemesis System raised the bar for player-driven storytelling and we’re excited to push the open-world genre forward, combining cutting-edge action with inventive narratives to create a Wonder Woman game everyone will want to play."

Wonder Woman trailer

The Wonder Woman announcement teaser trailer doesn't give much away, but it does give us a close up look at the hero herself, complete with her iconic Lasso of Truth. It may not be much to go on, but we're suitably impressed with Monolith Production's design take on Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman news and rumors

Below, we've rounded up all the latest news and rumors on the Wonder Woman game. Details are a bit thin on the ground right now, but we'll update this page as and when we find out more.

Procedural storytelling

The upcoming Wonder Woman game will apparently have procedural storytelling. This was revealed in a recent tweet from the game’s narrative director Tony Elias, who said that development studio Monolith is looking for a senior game writer to work on Wonder Woman. 

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In expanding on what the role will involve, Elias wrote that "Apart from creating characters and writing tons of excellent dialogue, you will learn more about procedural storytelling than you thought possible."

The accompanying job listing (opens in new tab) also touches on "procedural content" such as "procedural conversations" and "procedural dialogue." Overall, it gives the impression that different playthroughs of the game could result in hearing different lines of dialogue. We've previously heard that Monolith's Nemesis System will play into the game's storytelling and it's possible these things are related.

Does it have cross-gen potential?

We don’t yet have confirmed platforms for Monolith’s upcoming Wonder Woman game but the current-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles as well as PC have felt like a safe bet. However, new job listings at Monolith have suggested that last-gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, could be under consideration too. 

As spotted by SegmentNext (opens in new tab), the job listings for senior (opens in new tab) and advanced systems engineers (opens in new tab) ask for someone “to develop state-of-the-art rendering technology for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC and any new platforms we adopt.” However, the listings also request “experience developing for either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 (preferably both)” which is interesting to note. 

As it is, job listings like these are no guarantee of what consoles the game will eventually launch on and we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation from Monolith before we can start planning the platform on which we’ll be playing Wonder Woman. 

Wonder Woman: what we want to see

Wonder Woman close-up

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A familiar lineup of enemies to take down
We currently don't know who Diana's main adversaries with be in the Wonder Woman game, but it's almost certain that we'll see some familiar faces from the DC universe. We're hoping that Ares is the primary villain in Monolith's title, with the likes of Cheetah, Giganta, Circe and Doctor Psycho making appearances in some form - perhaps sitting just below Ares in the Nemesis system ranks. 

What's more likely (and actually makes more sense) is that Wonder Woman will take on Villainy, Incorporated, as the Nemesis System would work well with the villainous-team dynamic.

An invisible jet
Sure, it's cheesy, but we would love to see Monolith (somehow) make Wonder Woman's invisible jet cool. Wonder Woman 1984 did - kind of - but it would be great to see the developer integrate the jet into gameplay in a way that doesn't feel shoehorned. 

Combat that feels good
One thing we've learned from recent superhero games is that how a hero feels to play is a make-or-break factor. We're hoping that Wonder Woman feels as strong as she is meant to be, with powerful melee attacks and - of course - the ability to Lasso of Truth our enemies.

Utilizing the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X
Going off our last point, we would love to see Monolith adding haptic feedback and adaptive controller support to Wonder Woman, so we can really feel the tension in the lasso or the feel of kicking Cheetah in the face (hopefully). We're also expecting (more than hoping) Wonder Woman to have minimal loading screens despite being an open-world title and to simply look phenomenal. 

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