Windows 10 Anniversary Update can now be installed by enterprises

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update is now available to download and install for enterprise users, after having been previously rolled out to consumers since the beginning of August.

In other words, companies running the Current Branch for Business (CBB) of Windows 10 can now deploy the update across their PCs.

The delay of almost four months is a typical timeframe for a big update, to ensure that it is thoroughly tested by consumers and major bugs are found before the upgrade is made available to business PCs.

In a blog post, Microsoft noted that the Anniversary Update is fully ready for firms to download, and that it had “addressed nearly a thousand items of feedback” across all manner of customers, including pilot deployments in enterprises.

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Enterprise boost

Michael Niehaus, Director of Product Marketing for Windows 10 at Microsoft, further trumpeted some stats relating to the OS and businesses, saying that there had been a threefold increase in enterprise deployments of Windows 10 over the past six months.

He also pushed the security angle for Microsoft’s newest OS, noting that compared to Windows 7 users, those on Windows 10 were 58% less likely to encounter ransomware for one thing.

Niehaus also noted that Windows 10 makes upgrades far quicker and easier to deploy across fleets of devices, and added: “Windows 10 is also our most compatible release ever and with 99% of the top 3,000 apps shown to be compatible, customers are deploying at scale with confidence.”

All that said, some third-party stats have indicated a lukewarm reception for Windows 10 among businesses thus far, such as this study of US companies which was published back in August.

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