Wi-Fi is making our details less secure

Credit card details at risk
Credit card details at risk

Companies are struggling to keep their security intact because of the increase in Wi-Fi networks – according to Kaspersky Lab's David Emm.

Emm – the Senior Technology Consultant at Kaspersky Lab – believes that Wi-Fi's convenience is also giving companies a real security headache, as the TJ Maxx credit card fraud case illustrates.

"It's clear that wireless networks potentially give people much greater access," explains Emm.

"If a company has a Wi-Fi network then they need to stop it broadcasting to people they don't want to access it, they have to securely encrypt it or make it invisible, for instance.

Wi-Fi convenience, security risk

"There have been reports that in the business sector people are creating Wi-Fi access for convenience – often on an ad hoc basis, with different offices setting up the networks to make their own jobs easier.

"This makes it much more difficult to track down all the potential access points and much harder for businesses to keep a track of."

Of course, this becomes a huge issue for consumers – who may well find that there are increased numbers of security breaches for their personal data and payment details.

Currently, the majority of people feel that once they have protected their own data then they are secure – but if a company which you have bought from is not keeping things secure then the risk has not gone away.

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