Why you should head to Sky to upgrade your TV and home broadband

Woman lying in front of TV displaying Sky's entertainment center with various media apps
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It’s time to rethink how you keep the family entertained at home. Sky offers an amazing deal that covers your TV, home broadband and calls for just £42 a month

Sky TV offers more than 300 channels, including over 100 you won’t find on Freeview, and all the catch-up and streaming apps you need. You access the lot from Sky’s slick, award-winning Sky Q box. This little tech marvel will make you reconsider a life of pure streaming allowing you to pause, record and restart live TV. It houses a 1TB hard drive, on which you can record up to 500 hours of live TV. 

You get a massive amount to stream with this bundle too. Sky TV includes hundreds of binge-able box sets including 200 originals. Some of our favourite shows from the last decade are part of this library, such as Mare of Easttown and Chernobyl. 

There’s more too. The Sky Q box is begging to become the mainframe of your downtime because you can also sign-up to Netflix with a keenly priced add-on that saves you money from a standalone Netflix sub. It’s a steal at just £4 a month. 

The universe of content available via Sky Q expands every day, and you can add Sky Cinema and Sky Sports to your package if you want even more. Sky Sports will get you access to stacks of Premier League matches, a must for any die-hard football fan. 

We just love that a Sky Q box lets you access Sky next to Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and All4, all in one place. No switching remotes or juggling HDMI connections required here. 

Meet Sky Superfast Broadband

Sky broadband router

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An amazing streaming library isn’t much good without a great broadband connection to let you watch movies at their best quality without buffering headaches. It’s why this bundle makes so much sense. 

The £42-a-month bundle’s Sky Superfast Broadband is a fibre connection, and offers average speeds of 59Mb/s. That is more than enough for 4K resolution movie streaming. It brings great news for any gamers in the house too, letting them download new titles rapidly rather than having to leave them installing overnight. 

You also get Sky’s Speed Guarantee. If your internet speed drops below the minimum guaranteed rate three days in a row, you can claim that month’s costs back. When a company puts money on the line, you know it has confidence in its broadband performance. 

59Mb/s home internet not fast enough for you? Check out Sky’s step-up £60-a-month bundle, which bumps you up to Ultrafast Plus Broadband. 

This is the home broadband of our dreams, with average download speeds of 500Mb/s. Such a fast internet requires specialised infrastructure, but Sky already covers 15.7% of the UK population. You can check if your home is already on the guest list by entering your postcode on Sky’s website. 

Sky’s modern approach to communication

Sky Pay As You Talk is the final piece of the bundle puzzle. And it’s notable for what it doesn’t include. Let’s face it, most of us rarely use landline phones anymore. Sky Pay As You Talk supplies you with a phone line, but there’s no monthly fee and you don’t end up paying for a free-for-all calls package you never use. 

You only pay for the calls you make. And if you only use your smartphone these days, that means you’ll pay nothing. Perfection. 

Let’s deal with a few of the nitty-gritty bits. Sky offers hugely customisable plans, with add-ons you can change month by month if you like. 

The £42-a-month Sky TV, Superfast Broadband and Sky Pay As You Talk is our suggested starting point. New customers pay a £29.95 set-up fee, existing ones £39.95. This fee includes broadband activation, your Sky TV installation and delivery of your Hub and Sky Q box. 

Tablet displaying Sky's entertainment center with various media apps

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Sky’s £60-a-month upgrade with Sky Ultrafast Plus broadband incurs the same setup fees, and these are both 18-month minimum contracts.

Don’t want to change your broadband provider? No problem. There’s also a £25-a-month deal with Sky TV, including streaming access via the Sky Go phone app, and Netflix. New customers will pay a £20 setup fee, £49 for existing members, but do you also get the brilliant Sky Q 1TB TV box with its 500-hour PVR feature as part of the deal. 

Why not check out the range of Sky’s deals today? You could end up paying less for a lot more entertainment, and faster broadband speeds.