WhatsApp update brings group descriptions from beta to official app

WhatsApp has always been diligent with its updates, and this time around they’ve brought new features to the Android, iOS as well as the Windows Phone OS versions of their apps. A few weeks back, WhatsApp had been spotted testing the group description feature on its beta app, which is now being rolled out onto the stable platform. 

The group description feature allows users to add a 500 character explainer to groups on WhatsApp. As of now, any user can add or edit the group description, the ability is not limited to the admin. Like WhatsApp does with other features as well, whenever the group description is changed, all participants will receive a notification. 

The utility of this feature lies with groups of numerous members or anonymous group invites. Whenever a user gets a link invite to a group, the group description will give them a brief gist of what the group is aiming to accomplish or how they function, so that they can make the choice of whether or not they wish to confirm their membership.

If the user is already a part of any group, the group description is easily available at the touch of a button. The Group Info screen that displays all the members and group picture will have this descriptor as well. 

Group descriptions.

Group descriptions.

Aside from adding group descriptions, WhatsApp has also enabled a new video icon button that will allow users to switch between voice and video calling without having to disconnect the call in between. 

The previous WhatsApp update extended the time limit on the WhatsApp ‘delete for everyone’ feature to over an hour. They’ve even launched UPI based cashless payments in India that allows users to send money between each other. 

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