Samsung put a Gear VR on every chair for its Galaxy launch event

Gear VR
Gear VR

Samsung opened its big MWC conference with an interesting gimmick - putting a Gear VR headset complete with a Galaxy Note 5 on every seat.

The Korean giant issuing MWC to announce its latest flagship handset, the Samsung Galaxy S7, but is keen to remind people of its strides into a brave new world of virtual reality.

The Gear VR has quickly established itself since its launch last year, but the arrival of more powerful tethered headsets from the likes of rival HTC with the Vive, Oculus Rift and the Playstation VR will likely put it in the shade.

Gear VR - at Galaxy MWC show

Samsung urged attendees to "slip it on like you would a Halloween mask," and then "put on the Gear VR and join us in a new galaxy of unlimited possibilities."

The Gear VR uses Samsung's phones as the heart of its VR system - acting as the display and processor, with the headset providing the image and the power.

Samsung Gear VR on face

Can Samsung continue to be a major player in this arena? Time will tell, but it's clearly not ready to stop the fight just yet.

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