Want to cram super fast 64TB storage in your PC? There's a RAID card for that

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There’s a new range of RAID adapters that can support upto 8 NVMe SSDs. The three new adapters from RAID specialists HighPoint Technologies support the PCIe 4.0 specification while still being backwards compatible with PCIe 3.0.

As per expert opinion these adapters are designed for high-end workstations. There’s one that can support eight SFF-8654 ports for connecting U.2 SSDs, and one each for four and eight M.2 SSDs.

Using 8TB M.2 NVMe SSDs like the Sabrent 8TB Rocket Q, you can use these controllers to create a RAID of upto 64TB of storage.

Truly independent

Another good thing about the adapters is that they aren’t tied to a particular hardware platform or SSD and instead will work on both AMD and Intel motherboards. Furthermore, the controllers have software support for Windows, macOS, as well as Linux. 

HighPoint's NVMe RAID is implemented as software RAID and can be customized as per specific requirements using the browser-based RAID management interface. There’s also a command-line utility for advanced users.

HighPoint also proudly shows off the impressive cooling apparatus on the controllers. The controllers have a new heatsink that HighPoint assures will keep the SSDs operating within their recommended temperature thresholds, even under sustained I/O. This is no small feat considering the amount of storage hardware the adapters can accommodate.

The SSD7505 with 4x M.2 ports and the SSD7540 with 8x M.2 ports are available for $599 and $999 respectively, while the SSD7580 with 8x U.2 ports that also costs $999 is expected to be on sale in December, 2020.

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