Paragon unveils new GSM/VoIP phone


Paragon Wireless has unveiled a hybrid Wi-Fi, GSM and VoIP handset - the first based on the Windows Mobile operating system.

The handset is being launched at the VON conference in Berlin, which starts today.

And, perhaps not unexpectedly, there's no mention of 3G in the phone's spec list.

The hipi-2200 uses the VoWLAN protocol for VoIP over Wi-Fi in addition to standard GSM capabilities.

Running Windows Mobile 5.0, the handset has Microsoft Office capabilities as well as Wi-Fi web via Internet Explorer.

The hipi-2200 gives a maximum of four hours of talk time, or 100 hours of standby time - dependent on use of the integral 2-megapixel camera and MP3 player.

It will be available Europe-wide by the end of the month. Dan Grabham