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10 years of Sky+ - the boxes

Sky+ - 10 years old
Sky+ - 10 years old

With the arrival of Sky+ back in 2001, the satellite broadcaster managed to bring the PVR to the British consciousness in a way that others had not managed to do.

The technology (and a hefty marketing campaign) got people talking, and no doubt attracted many to the service, and a Sky+ box under the television became a familiar site.

Let's take a look back at a decade of Sky+ boxes...

2001/2 Pace box

Sky+ pace 2002

2003 Pace box

Sky+ 2003

2004 Kath Kidson design - the first 'designer' Sky+ Box

Kath kidson

2005 - Football team-branded boxes

Football branded boxes

2005 - LuLu Guiness designer box

LuLu box

2009 Amstrad box


2009 HD box

Sky+ hd

2011 Sky+HD 1TB box

Sky+ hd box