Using an Always On VPN just became far easier

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With more people working from home than ever before, VPN services have grown in popularity among users that want to secure their connections, safeguard their privacy and add an additional layer of protection online.

While some users simply connect to a VPN while working or trying to access geo-blocked content, others who work with sensitive company data often prefer to be connected to one all the time by using an Always On VPN.

An Always On VPN allows employees to securely access corporate networks remotely from a Windows 10 client. However, up until now, setting one up was a lengthy process that required Windows 10 users to create an XML VPN profile in order to configure the appropriate VPN settings.

Creating an Always On VPN profile in Intune

Microsoft has released a new update that allows Windows 10 users to create an Always on VPN device tunnel profile directly in Intune without using XML.

To set up an Always on VPN profile in Intune, users need to select IKEv2 as the connection type, enable always on, choose Machine Certificates as the authentication method, select the correct authentication certificate and enable device tunnel.

If for some reason the default Windows 10 IKE settings don't match what has already been configured on the RRAS server, users can adjust the settings on the VPN profile to match. Thankfully all of this can be done without having to first create an XML profile.

If you work remotely and don't want to be bothered connecting to a VPN each time you go online, an Always On VPN just might be for you.

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