Colossus adds new Venom and Window chassis

Venom - enough to scare the neighbours
Venom - enough to scare the neighbours

PC tower chassis maker BitFenix is introducing two new variants to its Colossus line of PC towers, Colossus Venom and Colossus Window.

It's a response to the emails they received after demoing a Colossus with green lighting at Gamescon 2010.

"After releasing Colossus, BitFenix fans from around the world offered their own personal suggestions on some new and interesting modifications for the full tower, and Colossus Venom and Colossus Window are the results of that feedback," says David Jarlestedt, BitFenix Product Manager.

The Venom lets users switch between red and evil green lighting for the tower, while keeping all the traditional Colossus features, including a pair of SuperSpeed 3.0 USB ports, a storage compartment, and the company's proprietary SofTouch coating.

Watch It Work

The other new tower is the Colossus Window. This doesn't have the LEDs on the side, replacing it instead with a window panel that lets users see their hardware in the chassis glowing red, blue or green – the last being the Venom Window edition – thanks to a pair of colour-matched LED fans.

There's a simplified control panel and four USB 2.0 ports, audio jacks and an eSATA port.

The Venom retails for 139 Euros, the Windows for 159 Euros (c.£133). Although there's no guarantee that the new styling will increase your score, you will intimidate and impress your opponents.