Twitter signs deals with broadcast giants including Viacom and Formula One

Twitter on a TV

Twitter is ramping up its video offering by signing deals with 30 broadcasters, including some serious heavyweights. Topics include entertainment, news, sports and gaming.

Twitter made its first foray into video in 2016, and says engagement has doubled in the last year. "We're not guessing, we're listening," said global head of content partnerships Kay Madati.

"People tell us what they want to see with the conversations they share on Twitter. In the past year, we've really expanded our efforts with the best publishers and content creators in the world to bring a slate of programming that reflects those diverse content interests."

New partners include NBCUniversal, Live Nation, Formula One, Viacom and ESPN. Check out the full list. Twitter is also renewing existing contracts with broadcasters including Major League Baseball and Buzzfeed.

There'll be room for smaller broadcasters too, with new pilot shows sourced through Twitter's creator network Niche

Sticking to the script

Twitter is pouring resources into recovering its image after CEO Jack Dorsey resolved to improve the 'health' of discussions on the platform. It's already taken several steps this year, including cracking down on spambots and banning shady ads for cryptocurrencies.

Mark Zuckerberg made a similar pledge in January (before the data leak hit the fan), and Facebook has moved its focus to news – particularly from local sources.

As today's announcement shows, Twitter has taken a different tack, choosing to concentrate on scripted entertainment.

"Twitter is the only place where conversation is tied to video and the biggest live moments, giving brands the unique ability to connect with leaned in consumers who are shaping culture," said Matthew Derella, global VP of revenue and content partnerships at Twitter. "That's our superpower."

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