This Windows 10 update will soon help you squeeze out optimum performance from your device

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Getting the most out of your Windows 10 device could soon be easier than ever thanks to a new feature reprotedly in the works from Microsoft.

The company is set to release a new "Device Usage" feature that will allow users to optimise the performance of their device for a range of use cases, including gaming, business and schoolwork - tailoring how the software operates to make sure users get the smoothest experience.

The platform, which will appear as part of the Windows 10 Settings menu app, has been undergoing internal testing, and is available to some preview build users now before a likely release later this year.


According to Windows Latest, which has been able to access the feature and get it running in a virtual machine, the Device Usage tool offer a number of ways to help Microsoft customize your Windows 10 device for “specific use cases”.

Among the options on offer are Gaming, Family (enabling multiple accounts from the same family, including editing safety settings), Creativity (including image and video editing, stylus use and online media), Schoolwork (including online collaboration options), Entertainment (browing the web, watching videos and using social media) and Business (tracking expenses, managing customers and more).

Toggling one or more of these options will allow Microsoft access to your data in order to "create personalized experiences", which could include suggestions for tools and services to download from the Windows Store.

There's no indication that this Windows 10 optimisation will extend to hardware as well as software, meaning that issues such as RAM-hogging applications and battery usage may continue.

The Windows 10 optimisation settings first emerged late last year, and could form part of a new way to get your device up and running during the initial setup process. 

Choosing what exactly you'll be using your device for should allow Microsoft to make sure it doesn't flood you with annoying or unnecessary suggestions, as well as making sure certain apps such as video conferencing or presentation software are a bit more visible to first-time users.

Via Windows Latest

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