This VR headset even comes with a built-in VPN

Vive Focus Plus
(Image credit: HTC Vive)

HTC VIVE has updated its all-in-one business VR headset the VIVE Focus Plus with a host of new capabilities designed for enterprise users following the device's official release last year.

The new features rolling out to the VIVE Focus Plus address key operational and security concerns of businesses worldwide when it comes to deploying VR solutions. Organizations will now be able to remotely manage their VR headsets as well as their applications and settings thanks to the inclusion of device management solutions by VMware and MobileIron.

SVP and GM of end-user computing at VMware, Shankar Iyer provided further insight on the benefits now available to enterprises as a result of its partnership with HTC VIVE, saying:

"To address the growing industry and subsequent IT challenges associated with deploying VR in the enterprise, VMware is excited to have partnered with HTC to deliver scalable management and app delivery for Vive Focus Plus. With our Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform, Vive Focus Plus customers will be able to easily enroll and configure headsets, deliver immersive VR experiences to employees, and protect data with controls and policies—all from a single console.”

Built-in VPN

In addition to the new device management capabilities added to the VIVE Focus Plus, HTC VIVE also revealed that users will now be able to connect to corporate networks using the device's built-in VPN solution.

Head of VIVE Enterprise Solutions at HTC VIVE Dan O'Brien explained why the company decided to add a VPN to its business VR headset in a press release, saying:

"We are seeing a marked increase in demand for commercial VR solutions all over the world due to remote work requirements, and we know that security and manageability is critical to the continued successful adoption of Vive Focus Plus in the enterprise environment. By supporting VPN, our customers will be able to securely collaborate on projects using VR no matter where in the world they are, with the proven enterprise expertise of our partners VMware and MobileIron."

The VIVE Focus Plus is powered by the VIVE WAVE platform which also received a substantial update to its SDK which adds a new hand tracking and gesture API, Passthrough Support via new APIs, Adaptive Quality and Foveated Rendering and more.

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