This super-bright jacket keeps e-bike riders safe and snug (for a price)

Proviz e-bike jacket
(Image credit: Proviz)

Proviz has released a new super-reflective jacket specifically for e-bike riders. The Proviz Platinum E-bike Jacket doesn't just make you clearly visible to other road users, it's also waterproof and windproof, with down padding to keep you snug while the motor is taking the hard work out of your commute

One of the main appeals of an electric bike is that you can arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat. That's great in the warmer months, but cycling jackets are typically designed to be thin and lightweight, and in cooler weather you might find yourself getting pretty chilly.

Whereas most cycling jackets are lightweight, and easy to stash away when you start to warm up, the new Proviz Platinum is insulated with synthetic down. It also features a thermal fabric lining, glow-in-the-dark zip pulls, reflective cuffs with thumb holes (particularly useful when signalling turns at night) and plenty of pockets.

Proviz e-bike jacket

(Image credit: Proviz)

It comes in three colors: high-visibility yellow, black, and Reflect360 which, as the name suggests, reflects light from all angles.

Cozy glow

Of course, all this comes at a price, and the Proviz Platinum E-bike Jacket costs a pretty steep $280 / £179.99 (about AU$370).

Still, an e-bike is always going to be an investment, and when you consider that even the most affordable e-bikes start at around $3,000 / £2,000 / AU$3,500, it's perhaps easier to justify – particularly when safety is concerned.

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