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This portable EV charger lets you top up your electric car pretty much anywhere

Man wheeling ZipCharge Go towards an EV
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There's good news for EV owners, at least for those in the UK, as a new device promises easy electric car charging on the go from pretty much anywhere.

If you own an EV, there have likely been times when finding a charger caused you stress. This is especially true for owners that live in places where installing a home charger is impossible. 

The ZipCharge Go offers portable charging from a compact unit that can stow away in the trunk. It offers electric car owners a new level of freedom, and a slight easing of range anxiety. It may even get you out of a jam or two if your EV's range is particular low.

The downside is the suitcase-sized charger only provides around 20-40 miles of range (depending on the vehicle it's charging), which is useful for UK drivers, but may not be as appealing for drivers in more spread-out countries, like the US.

How much will the ZipCharge Go cost?

The ZipCharge Go takes 30-60 minutes to work its magic and can be recharged using a standard home outlet. Since theft and security can be issues, the device features 4G support and uses geofencing for tracking. 

The charger uses an aluminum space frame and recycled plastic for its shell and can be painted in custom colors to match the owner’s vehicle. 

As for the ZipCharge Go price, the firm says it "will only cost the same as a fully installed home charger." 

In the UK, that could be anything from £450 through to £1,600 (roughly $600-$2,100 / AU$800-AU$2,900), so it will be interesting to see where it lands when it releases - which is another unknown currently.

We have contacted ZipCharge for more information on the Go, and we'll update this article once we get a response.

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Woman plugging the ZipCharge Go into an EV

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Woman plugging portable charger into an EV

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Analysis: there's room for a clever device

Studies in the UK have shown that people are reluctant to purchase an EV because of an inability to charge at home. 

While infrastructure and living arrangements are different in the United States, the same issues hold true: many people live in apartments or utilize public parking at home, where installing a charger is impossible. 

Others have access to public chargers but have to fight for a position in the charging line. 

A quick, portable way to add a few dozen miles of range could be the difference between a person's decision to buy or avoid an EV, so there's room for such a clever device here.

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