This Nvidia RTX 3090 by Galax smashes 16 world records with epic overclock

Galax RTX 3090 HOF
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Galax has launched its much-coveted GeForce RTX 3090 HOF graphics card, and it’s already broken 16 word records. 

Overclockers have managed to notch up a mind-boggling 3.0 GHz clock speed with the Galax RTX 3090 HOF, an impressive figure considering the card’s 1.39 GHz base clock.

The HOF is listed with a 1.8 GHz boost on the Galax site, although it will go beyond that when used alongside Nvidia's GPU Boost. But thanks to the use of liquid nitrogen-cooled setups and GPUPI software, both OGS from "HwBox Hellas OC Team" and Rauf from "Alza OC" have managed to overclock their limited edition GPUs to 3.0 GHz, and hitting faster speeds than ever before. 

It’s a particularly impressive feat considering it took overclockers some two years to get an RTX 2080 Ti running at these kinds of speeds, so to have achieved these figures before the graphics card is even on sale to the mass-market suggests the future is bright for the power of premium GPUs.

World-beating power

But reaching speeds of 3.0 GHz isn’t the only record overclockers have broken using the GeForce RTX 3090 HOF. 

Galax announced that the RTX 3090 HOF cards were able to break a total of 16 (sixteen!) different world records, suggesting the GPU will come roaring to market already at the top of the pile. We’ve listed all of them below:

  • 1st place single GPU GPUPi 3.2 1B at 3015 MHz - 2.057s
  • 1st place single GPU GPUPi 3.3 1B at 3000 MHz -1.706s
  • 1st place single GPU GPUPi 3.3 32B at 2955 MHz - 1m35s377s
  • 1st place dual GPU GPUPi 32B at 2940 MHz - 47s972ms
  • 1st place dual GPU GPUPI 1B at 2970 MHz -1.036s
  • 1st place single GPU 3DMark Vantage Extreme at 2700MHz - 116711 Score
  • 1st place single GPU 3DMarkll at 2745 MHz- 63574 Score
  • 1st place single GPU Unigine Superposition 4k at 2835 MHz - 24303 Score
  • 1st place single GPU Port Royal at 2880 MHz - 18584 Score
  • 1st place dual GPU Port Royal at 2835 MHz on both cards - 34313 Score
  • 1st place single GPU Fire Strike MOH at 2880 MHz - 50144 Score
  • 1st place single GPU Fire Strike Extreme [HOF] at 2880 MHz - 31590 Score
  • 1st place single GPU Fire Strike Ultra [HOF] at 2880 MHz - 18021 Score
  • 1st place single GPU Time Spy at 2865 MHz at 2865MHz- 25931 Score
  • 1st place single GPU Superposition 8k at 2805 MHz - 11092 Score
  • 1st place single GPU Superposition 1080p Extreme 2965MHz - 18714 Score

The GeForce RTX 3090 HOF doesn’t just stand out in performance, either. One of its biggest quirks is the inclusion of the HOF Panel III, a 4.3-inch TFT LCD monitor with a 480 x 272 resolution that displays the graphics card's vitals. The screen can function as a standalone monitor or can be attached to the graphics card itself thanks to an integrated magnet. 

Basically, the GeForce RTX 3090 HOF is a beast whichever way you look at it. 

Via PC Gamer 

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