This is the UK's least-complained about mobile network

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Tesco Mobile’s status as the UK’s least complained about mobile operator is assured for another quarter after the MVNO recorded just 1 grievance per 100,000 customers during the period between January and March.

Tesco Mobile has traditionally fared well in these rankings, with Ofcom’s annual report, published last month, highlighting high levels of satisfaction among customers.

EE, O2, iD Mobile were all below the industry average of 3, a figure which was recorded by Sky. However Vodafone, Three, BT Mobile and Virgin Media received 5 with complainants citing issues with changing providers, and, ironically, how operators handle complaints.

Ofcom complaints

But at least Vodafone, which was named the biggest offender in the previous quarter, was able to share the honours in mobile. In the broadband market, the company suffered the misfortune of being named the country’s most-complained about broadband provider once again. Its score of 23 was almost twice the industry average of 12, with only Sky (6) and EE (3) coming in under par.

At least the Newbury-based company was able to cede the title in the landline sector. TalkTalk’s figure of 17 was more than the industry average of 8, with EE faring the best.

The period covered by this latest report covers the first two weeks of lockdown. While this might be too short a period to get a complete picture of the impact of Coronavirus, the fortnight in question would have been a time when most people were getting to grips with restrictions on movement and home working – thereby increasing the importance of connectivity.

Ofcom has previously said that the UK’s communications infrastructure performed well despite the additional demands placed on it, partly because of measures taken by broadband and mobile operators to maintain the integrity of their networks. This is despite social distancing measures making it more difficult or impossible to maintain or repair infrastructure.

The volume of landline complaints actually fell quarter-on-quarter, while broadband and mobile complaints were largely flat.

The regulator’s next set of figures will likely provide more insight into issues that occurred during the height of lockdown.

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