Tories want ratings for music and sports videos

Tories want new age-ratings rules extended to music and sports videos and DVDs
Tories want new age-ratings rules extended to music and sports videos and DVDs

Tories have called for music and sports videos to be given film-style ratings to protect children from inappropriate sexual and violent content.

Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt unveiled the Conservatives media policy at this week's Manchester Media Festival, highlighting a loophole in the current law that means that music and sports videos are effectively exempt from classification and age-ratings.

Hunt wants to amend the recently introduced new laws to classify video games to incorporate similar age-ratings on music and sports DVDs and videos.

OTT sports and hardcore rap

Wrestling DVDs such as the OTT Ultimate Fighting Championship and hardcore rap music DVDs in particular are those that are causing concern.

"It is good news that the age rating of potentially harmful video games is being put on a statutory basis," said the Shadow Culture Secretary.

"However, it is really worrying that the Government hasn't done more to close some serious loopholes for other harmful content. No one wants children to get hold of graphically violent or sexual content, but shockingly in some cases it is actually legal to sell this sort of thing to them."

"We have an opportunity to put a stop to this so I hope the Government listens."

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And in the meantime, we'll await X-rated challenges in football actually being X-rated challenges.


Adam Hartley