Sci Fi UK: Teleport yourself to work

Fan of Sci Fi UK? Check out the new ads which feature a hilarious 'teleportation hat'

The Sci Fi Channel launches a new 'teleport yourself to work' promo campaign this week, with a rather amusing new short film to promote the UK's favourite geek channel.

The channel is apparently trying to shake its 'spaceships and aliens' image – which, cynics point out, puts it in danger of sidelining its core audience!

The two minute short movie commissioned for the campaign, called Pret a Teleporter, is the story of a businessman that invents a teleportation hat in his shed, in order to get to work on time.

Geek faithful

TechRadar is (of course) a big fan of Sci Fi UK so we hope that the campaign manages to garner them a whole new audience (without scaring off the hardcore geek faithful!).

"This is a quirky film which includes many traditional sci fi themes," said Pret a Teleporter's Writer and Director, Steven Skinner.

"But it's also entertaining, optimistic, accessible and very much character-driven. I hope it challenges a few tired old prejudices," Skinner added.

The new ad will run across the Sci Fi Channel and a number of other NBC Universal channels, such as Movies 24.

See the full trailer right here.