Netflix introduces its pay-as-you-go gift card

New gift card options

Netflix has just announced it's own Netflix Card, offering a pay-as-you-go-a-like service for any of its three tier subscriptions.

Coming in three flavours - £15, £25 and £50 - you can get your binge-viewing on without needing either a credit/debit card or a PayPal account.

Just scratch and sniff the code on the back of the card and add it to your existing account or start afresh.

You can use it on any of Netflix's streaming plans; so if you want to get a quick fix of 4K fun for your brand new Ultra HD tele you can get it up and running in a trice. The cards can be picked up in the usual places, like supermarkets and newsagents, making them widely available with more being added over the next few months.

It's a smart move by Netflix; its free trials are all well and good - they're free after all - but how many of us have gone through the process of signing up for a free month of some funky new service only to have stalled at entering our credit card details?

This no-strings-attached approach may be more enticing for a lot of people in terms of their trialing of the service afresh.


It appears the new gift card is even more pay-as-you-go than we initially thought.

The value on the card can be used towards any of the different subscription types - from SD all the way through to it's Ultra HD 4K streams - but isn't just aimed at the standard monthly rates.

The value on the card is applied to your account for as long as the chosen £15, £25 or £50 would last on that particular subscription model, on a per day and not just on a per month basis.

As long as there's money in the account the service will continue to run. When it does run out you can then top up with a new card or choose any of its other payment options.