Sky hits connected tipping point as ITV Player lands on Now TV

Majority of Sky's customers have connected to on-demand
Sky - connected homes are now in the majority

More than half of Sky television subscribers have connected their boxes to their broadband - marking a significant and swift change in the way the UK is watching television.

The 50% point, announced by Sky's chief executive Jeremy Darroch, is a nice piece of public relations for the satellite giant.

But it also represents the speed with which television viewing has changed in Britain, with more and more of us using catch-up and video on demand services.

Lion's share

Sky's connected homes now number in excess of 5.6 million, the lion's share of its 10.6 million user base, essentially bringing a host of 'smart' options to subscribers.

With most platforms now offering connected services, it's clear that on-demand and DVR viewing is becoming a significant factor in our viewing habits.

In other Sky news, after announcing that Sky Go would be receiving the ITV channels, ITV Player has now rolled out on its paid-for Now TV service and Roku boxes.

Patrick Goss

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