Windows 10 European pricing finally revealed

Windows 10

Europeans who aren't qualified for the free Windows 10 upgrade during the first year now know how much to save in order to get Microsoft's latest desktop operating system.

The Windows-maker had previously announced that US customers who are ineligible for the first year free promotion would have to pay $129 for Windows 10 Home and $199 for Windows 10 Pro.

For eligible Windows customers in the UK, Microsoft is running a similar Get Windows 10 campaign, announcing that users in that country could "Enjoy Windows 10 for free," with the price of £99.99 crossed out. Similarly, in countries that use the Euro, the price of €135 was crossed out. When converted, European prices are slightly higher than US pricing, with UK customers paying the equivalent of $155 and Europeans paying $151 for Windows 10 Home.

The fine print

The UK £99.99 and Eurozone €135 prices are for Windows 10 Home. We still do not have the price for Windows 10 Pro in those regions. In the US, users who have Windows 10 Home either through a free upgrade or paid license and wish to switch to Windows 10 Pro will have to pay an extra $99 (equivalent to £63, €88). It's unclear how much a similar upgrade to Pro in the UK or Europe would cost.

Even though Microsoft is listing those prices currently in its campaign, the company discloses in fine print that this is only the "estimated retail price of Windows 10 Home licence; actual prices may vary."

Unfortunately, we still haven't learned pricing for Windows 10 in other markets outside the US, UK and Europe.

However, since Windows 10's pricing in the US, UK and Europe seems comparable to the cost of Windows 8.1, it's likely that pricing for Windows 10 in other markets will be similar to Windows 8.1's current price.

Windows 10

For Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 owners, the biggest appeal of Windows 10 will be the re-introduction of the familiar Start menu. The OS will also bring several new features, including a new Microsoft Edge browser, more multitasking capabilities, Cortana digital assistant and Continuum, a feature that allows the user experience to automatically adapt to tablet or notebook mode for owners of hybrid convertibles.

Even though the consumer versions of Windows 10 for desktop will debut on July 29, Microsoft hasn't announced when Windows 10 Enterprise will debut. Similarly, Windows Phone users still don't know when Windows 10 Mobile will arrive.

Source: Neowin