Three Windows Ultimate Extras ready

Windows Ultimate Extras are add-ins for the high-end release of Windows Vista. Microsoft has announced three, for starters - headed by Windows DreamScene.

Much used in Microsoft circles at CES, Windows DreamScene allows you to use a video as your desktop background. Microsoft demonstrated this using a video of a waterfall.

This video will be included in the release, as will several others. You can use your own, but unless they loop you'll see a definite start point!

Ultimate Extras also includes improvements to Windows Vista's security provision. Secure Online Key Backup means you can store your BitLocker recovery password on a secure Microsoft website.

Finally - and as if to prove that Ultimate Extras will include many varied functions - there's Texas Hold'em Poker. You can play up to five computer players at once, and there's also the ability to customise the table and cards, too.

More Ultimate Extras will be released over the coming months.


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