Microsoft cuts the ribbon on upgraded Windows 10 Store

Windows 10

Microsoft has made it even easier to try out universal apps in Windows 10 after adding the previously announced unified store into the latest technical preview build.

Anyone downloading the latest build will be able to see first hand how the new unified store works and it will eventually give a one-of-a-kind store-front on every Windows device including tablets, PCs, smartphones, Xboxes, Internet of Things devices and any other devices running Windows 10.

Store beta opening its doors also means that the Movies & TV page immediately becomes more useful. When the new video app was released early last month the feature was almost completely useless as a buying tool because you couldn't get any content.

That has all changed and users can now browse and search for videos, and rent or purchase movies and TV shows in store beta and then play them in the video preview app.

Music up next

Windows Insiders in a range of countries including the UK, USA and Australia can enjoy the thrill of buying and renting visual content right now and Microsoft has promised that a music page will be next to join the buying and selling party in the coming weeks.

Universal apps form a big part of Microsoft's grand plan to bring a unified Windows 10 experience to users regardless of whether they are flipping open their smartphone, glancing at a smartwatch or viewing life through the HoloLens.