Media casting arrives on latest Windows 10 build

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, adding new capabilities and fixing some earlier glitches. The update brings the version to Build 10576, and the highlight of the build is the ability to cast your screen to any Miracast or DLNA device on your network.

Casting is available on through the Microsoft Edge browser. With the feature, you can cast YouTube videos, Facebook photo albums or Pandora music to your DLNA or Miracast television or speakers.

To initiate casting, you can go to the top left of the Edge browser, click the "..." menu button, and select "Cast to device." If you have multiple devices, you can choose the device you want to send your content.


Cortana is now smarter when you're reading a PDF. When you're viewing a PDF in the Microsoft Edge browser, you can highlight the text and choose "Ask Cortana" to pull up additional information.

This feature is similar to how Cortana works on a standard web page on the Edge browser, and Cortana can retrieve additional information. Essentially, it allows you to perform a search for information without having to leave your current webpage or PDF.


The Xbox beta app for Windows 10 has also received an update. The update for the app began rolling out last Friday, and allowed Xbox users to add Facebook friends to Xbox Live.

These additions build upon the improvements from the previous Insider Preview release. In the last build, Cortana can search handwritten notes, and users can get a preview of their Edge web pages by hovering over browser tabs.

Addressing complaints

Microsoft fixed an issue with the search box so that it will be available in a region where Cortana isn't available. In earlier builds, I had a problem where the box wouldn't work, even in the US where Cortana is available.

Additionally, for those who run virtual machines, Microsoft is now introducing a preview of nested virtualization, "so that people could run Hyper-V Containers in Hyper-V virtual machines," Microsoft said in a statement.

Microsoft also made a change to Cortana so that you'll have to run this latest build or higher to continue to receive missed call notifications and send texts using the digital assistant.

Surface Pro 3 owners should use the software to put their computers to sleep. A known issue with this build is that the power button will shut down the Surface Pro 3.