Google not focused on touchscreens for Chrome OS

Chrome OS - do not touch
Chrome OS - do not touch

Google has told TechRadar that it is not currently looking to enable Chrome OS for touchscreen devices, although it is watching the netbook market closely and working in partnership with hardware vendors.

Chrome OS's speed and simplicity is designed for portability and constant connection, and the potential for touchscreen devices that fit this bill are clear.

However, speaking at a European briefing for Chrome OS, Anders Sandholm – a Chrome OS product manager – stated that the focus at the moment was on a more traditional trackpad or mouse entry system.

"Right now the focus is on optimising for someone being on the web and on today's netbooks," said Sandholm.


"I'm sure that something is being discussed [about touch input], but I'm not exactly sure what the outcome is going to be," he added

"Touch is definitely a possibly use, but it depends on how devices evolve over time.

"So we are following this very closely and at the moment our focus is on today's netbooks but with full size keyboards and bigger screens."

Touchscreen growth

Of course, Microsoft's Windows 7 has ramped up touchscreens, and netbooks have already embraced the technology and will increasingly do so.

And the concept of an instant-on tablet has already captured the public's attention in terms of the long-mooted Apple project, and you might have expected Google to be thinking along similar lines with its hardware partners.

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